Business Management

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Take your career to the next level by studying Business Management at Concordia University Ann Arbor! The Business Management major includes study from a variety of disciplines and enables students to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes to more effectively deal with managerial, human, and financial dynamics within an organization.

Student learning goals for the Business Management major include:

  • Applying critical and creative thinking skills in the business context to make strategic decisions
  • Operations and management – planning, organizing, leading and controlling the resources of an organization
  • Knowledge of human resource issues within the business organization
  • Marketing strategy - product planning, pricing, promotion, channel management, and competition analysis
  • Accounting principles to construct and interpret financial statements
  • Financing strategies and processes
  • Effective communication in writing and presentations

Each 3-credit accelerated course is six weeks long, with one four-hour meeting and two online discussions per week.

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