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Elementary Education

A great education begins with a great teacher. CUAA’s rigorous Elementary Education program helps you build the subject area knowledge and the soft skills you’ll need to become a truly exceptional teacher.

Secondary Education

CUAA’s Secondary Education program prepares you to teach grades six through twelve in your selected content areas.

Early Childhood

Teaching young children and watching them grow is a special blessing. CUAA’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) program provides you with the knowledge and understanding you need to make a difference in the lives of our youngest learners.

Family Life

CUAA’s Family Life Education program builds and equips strong, healthy families through programming, education, counseling, and mentoring.

K-12 Education

CUAA’s K-12 certification programs in Special Education (Learning Disabilities), Visual Arts Education and Music Education qualify you to teach as a specialist in kindergarten through grade twelve.

Special Education

CUAA’s Special Education prepares teacher candidates to work with diverse groups of students with and without disabilities in a variety of school settings.

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